AVP and NVL Player David Smith's Sand Volleyball Lesson a Day Calendar Book


‚ÄčSand Volleyball Lesson a Day Calendar is a free service, which contains information helpful to outdoor volleyball players in the following categories:

SKILLS!   -  the tips include advice on how to improve your passing, setting, hitting, serving, blocking and defense.  

TRAINING!  - on-court drills, and off-court physical and mental training 

COMPETITION! -  learn how to prepare better, and improve your management of yourself and game situations on-court

HISTORY! - Notable Achievements and Star Player Birthdays, Historical tournaments and Occurrences are reviewed.  Learn the rich history of our game, get to know both the Stars of the past and present. 

Format:  Sand Volleyball Lesson a Day Calendar is a free service, once you opt in to receive it, you will receive adaily email , free of charge, containing that days topic and lesson.