The following are excerpts from Sand Volleyball Lesson a Day Calendar:

AVP and NVL Player David Smith's Sand Volleyball Lesson a Day Calendar Book

Have a go to Shot!

At times in competition, it can get very difficult to find that sideout kill.  Perhaps you have gotten blocked a couple times, hit a couple balls out of bounds, or are otherwise feeling pressure.  It is a huge stabilizer to have a “go to shot” to rely on in these cases to get those critical points when needed.  In most cases, a go to shot will be a reliable cut shot, or a line shot over the block.  While it is still important to get that good pass and see what the defense has made available on the particular play, you will feel a lot less pressure if you have a “go to” in your back pocket.

 “To know oneself, is to study oneself in interaction with another person.”  - Bruce Lee

 January 27th

Happy Birthday to Phil Dalhauser!

Nicknamed the “Thin Beast” for his length, lithe frame, and potent game, Phil was born in Baden, Switzerland on January, 26, 1980. Phil did not begin playing volleyball until his Senior Year in High School.  Despite this late start in the sport, he has become considered by many the most dominant player of all time.  While that is a debate for the ages, he has posted very notable accomplishments. At this writing he has won 81 professional tournaments and over $2 million in prize money. 
Phil has always been an affable character, more prone to let his play do the talking than to any great displays of emotion or verbal outbursts.  In his early days of competing and playing with Nick Lucena, they were termed the “road warriors” by some, for their penchant for traveling the tournament circuit with air mattresses and bunking down wherever fortune led. Phil won his first AVP event in 2005 with Lucena, and figures to be a considerable factor for several years to come!

 January 26th

Defending the Jumbo Shot
This shot can be a tough defend, particularly when an attacker has a strong cut shot as well.  Keys to neutralizing the Rainbow(jumbo) shot:
1.Be still and on balance.  If you are moving or leaning in any particular direction, controlling this shot will not happen. 
2.Have an overhand defensive technique that you can consistently control the ball with.  The tomahawk, prayer, and poke are the most commonly used techniques.
3.Step back, DO NOT jump to play this ball.  Even if you touch it jumping, you are very unlikely to play the ball with any control. 

Thought for the day:  Focus on your character, which is within your control.  You have much less control over what others think of you or do towards you, worry less about these and focus on your own character. 

March 27th